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Hi All

On a complete whim I bought a new bike at the weekend - A Pashley Guvnor 3 speed - Not sure what type of bike it is, They call it a cafe racer so in my mind that means road bike, It serves almost no purpose in my bike collection - Its slower than my Road bike and less practical than my guard mounted touring bike and single speed hybrid. Its heavier than a fat dog (14kg if your interested) and it has the turning circle of a transit van but its SOOO nice to ride! It rides like the tyres are filled with double cream :)

It will get ridden to work and kept in the office on nice days and also dry days pottering around the villages near me.

I know its a personal thing but I think this is the best looking bike I have ever seen, I almost feel like the bike and I should have matching mustache's. I even switched to wearing boots when I cycled in this morning as I thought trainers looked too vulgar - I kept the helmet on tho so I am not completely mad.

This one is defo a long time keeper.




  • Well I think it's different and very nice, it looks a lot of fun and sure you get lots of admiring comments?
    I was looking at the Pashley Parabike as I wanted something to jump on in normal clothes to go down the shops, pub etc but without having to put lycra and spds on. I tried it and it was not right for me, too small in that I kept wanting to shift my backside backwards about 6 inches although the saddle was as far back as it would go. They only come in one size.
    I ended up getting a Genesis Smithfield and like you said, it's a keeper.

    Obviously the general populace of Bike Radar is not ready for this kind of bike/riding yet - I suggest if your a FB user, to look up the Slow Bicycle Movement - they have more of an appreciation of this type of bike.
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    I'd love one of these if I had space for another bike!
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    I d love to do our club 10 on that! Would make up for my usual excuses.
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    I had one for a couple,of years and would have kept it forever if I'd had the space. I may get another at some point, or a Speed 5.

    I loved it, it was actually quite fast when you got it rolling, very comfortable, and generated loads of interest.

    I popped one of these on it ... 0wod7kEKeA, and some dual use pedals - one side flat for the pub, and the other spd for long distance.

    You'll find like minded individuals over here if you need any advice

    Good choice chap !