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pma73pma73 Posts: 116
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Hi guys,

I'm looking to replace my 35mm Conti Cyclocross speed folding tyres for something with better grip for woodland dirt / grassy trails. To be honest, I've not been that happy with my conti cx speeds as the sidewall threads keep coming loose and they are prone to punctures.

I'd only tend to consider a folding tyre - The Conti CX King looks OK but I'm mindful of the de-threading issue I've had with my cx speeds. I love the look of Challenge limas and chicane's with tan walls but they are expensive.

I'd appreciate if you could offer up any recommendations please.



  • pma73pma73 Posts: 116
    35c not mm - Just realised.
  • Chicanes are no good once it gets wet.

    Schwalbe Racing Ralphs or challenge limus open tub
  • Michelin mud?
  • robertpbrobertpb Posts: 1,866
    WTB Nanos 40c, on my 22.5 rims they come up as 43mm. I ride on these where I normally ride with my MTB full susser. I'm running them tubeless with 24psi front and 27psi back and they plough through much about anything.
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  • tgotbtgotb Posts: 4,714
    Vittoria XG Pro are my go-to tyre for training, because they're pretty robust and have a Grifo-like tread, which is pretty good for the sort of riding you describe. For intermediates, they're actually surprisingly good in really muddy conditions.
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  • imposter2.0imposter2.0 Posts: 11,950
    Schwalbe CX Pro - cheap as chips and pretty good all-rounders
  • trek_dantrek_dan Posts: 1,366
    Cheap rigid bead Griffos are my go to training tyre (and racing if I'm riding to the venue rather than driving). Ribble had them on for £12.99 last year but they don't seem as cheap anymore.
  • imposter2.0imposter2.0 Posts: 11,950
    CX pro can be had for a similar price these days - nearly identical tread pattern to the Grifo as well..
  • andyracandyrac Posts: 904
    I've got Conti CX Speeds on my Focus Mares and have found them great, with no issues; however, they are best suited to dry/sandy hard packed surfaces. In another month I'll change them to Vittoria XG Pro for the winter.

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