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Giant TCX SR1

spannerdudespannerdude Posts: 56
edited September 2016 in Cyclocross
I bought a Giant TCX SR1 last year,
And a quick Google had the wheel set @ 2.5 kg.

is this heavy in the world of cyclocross?
And if I was to replace them any suggestion's? as one wheel is Quick release (rear) and one thru axle



  • imposter2.0imposter2.0 Posts: 11,950
    Like most things, you can buy lighter if you spend more. There's probably thousands of those bikes being raced in cross leagues all over the UK without issue, all with the standard wheels on. Replace them if you want, but don't expect miracles if you do.
  • It is heavy. But I'd imagine it's with tyres etc. You can get lighter for next to no money now. Cosine Disc at Wiggle for example.
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  • VamPVamP Posts: 674
    My lightest wheels are about half that, so yes it's a bit on the heavy side. But the upgrading circus can get expensive, so it's a question of how much you want to get caught up in that, and whether there aren't better investments.

    A lot depends on your ambitions, and where your biggest gains can be made. For most of us the rider is the area with most improvement potential, and at the muddy end of the season it's sorting out grip (tubs) and cleaning (spare bike and pit crew).
  • Many thanks for the reply's

    I was just curious to know, it did seem heavy (with out tyres)

    no plans as of yet to upgrade.

    but are there many on here with a TCX ?

  • If that's without tyres and cassette then it's very very heavy indeed. More than many stock wheels. Even with a cassette (350g) it's still a bit of a beast.

    Cosine disc will take almost a kilo off (assuming without cassette) at minimal cost.
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  • My giant has 135mm rear spacing so Cosine are out - I am considering some pro lite wheels. Not sure what the spacing on yours is but worth checking.
  • The Cosine are 135.
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  • My mistake, I discounted them based on me having 15mm front thru axle, sorry!
  • Info from web

    Weight: 2,562 grams. Front: 1179, Rear 1383. This includes the discs on the, but not the cassette.
    Internal Width: 20mm. This is compatible with Stan's No Tubes CX Conversion Kit.
    Depth: 25mm.
    Axel Standard: Front is 15mmx100mm Thru Axel, Rear is 9mmx135mm QR.
    Tubeless Compatible: Yes. I used Stan's Yellow Tape and Sealant with Maxxis Mud Wrestler TR tyres.
  • It's very heavy. You can get 4 wheels that are lighter than those 2 :shock:
  • GGBikerGGBiker Posts: 450
    I changed the wheels on my 2015 tcx Sl1 to a lighter set which are around 1700g, the original wheels were only actually around 1900g so that weight probably includes disc rotors and skewers. For well built wheels to handle cx I don't think that's too bad, they a re tubeless compatible as well.
    As for the bike, it's built for purpose, a great cx bike with huge clearances for mud build up to keep you moving when other bikes fail.
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