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New Bike advice i got some types :)

LeeSinLeeSin Posts: 3
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So i can get some bike sin my price range, i would know about any issue pros and cons with models i choose for testing or tested.

The gear: i need an 105 but not need a higher one unless i get really good deal. 105 is minium and enough.
Then Geometry: I like every geo, i can adapt to racy position i gues and for relax one.I would avoid TT bike anyway.
Look:) pretty important to have cool looking bike.
Weight: not very important but i would not pay much money for heavy bike.
Area: City+ 10-15km radius then longer distance out of the city. Highest climbs are 500m with average 4%. Terrain is flat, road quality bad( so carbon???) and its kinda windy.

87kg 13%Body Fat (weight lifter) 29 years old, trying lose fat, prefer to work on cadence.

So lets start :(all brand new)

1st Type: Cannondale Caad 10 105, i can get it cheap save money on other things.800 pounds.
2nd Cannondale Caad 12 2016 105 1100 pounds
3rd Cannondale Synapse 105 Carbon 1350-1400 (maybe less if i push seller)
4th Trek Emonda S4 old tiagra kinda didn tlike this one 1000pounds
5th Test Bike Trek Emonda SL8 dura ace 1450pounds
i better liked Synapes then this trek but its looks like good deal so i could tweak him a bit.
6th Steven Izoard 105 carbon, didnt ride him yet 1250pounds
7th Merida Reacto 400 800pounds
8th Merida Reacto 500 (i gues not worth add money for this from 400) 1100 pounds

I have options to test some Specialized and Giants.

So some questions
if i compare Caad10 and 12 is this worth to ad money?
Do i have benefit other then less weight from carbon?I heard carbon is more comfy due to vibrations absorbs.
I heard Caad fram beat eveyr low price carbon. I know it weight similiar to them but how about feeling bike and smooth riding? Isnt this frame harsh?.
How Caad is comparable to Reacto?


  • StillGoingStillGoing Posts: 5,209
    You indicate you want carbon but the two Reacto bikes you've listed are aluminium frames.
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  • kingrollokingrollo Posts: 3,197
    To be brutally honest I would just get down to a local bike shop - tell them what type of cycling your doing and they will sort you out. Sure you might end up with a lower spec bike or pay a few £ more. -

    To be honest your original post implies you need to more research - I would perhaps by a cheaper bike to get started then form a better idea of what you want.
  • BobbinogsBobbinogs Posts: 4,841
    If the roads really are bad then I wouldn't be too obsessed with carbon (which can help to some degree) but focus more on getting some decent wheels and the right rubber...think wheels like the Quattro LG (with wider rims) and then some 25 or 28mm tyres (they don't have to be slow and heavy, lots of good options for fast/durable). I would also be tempted to go for a bike with a 27.2mm seatpost (carbon) and carbon fork. The actual frame material is not so important if you get all that sorted.

    Now, as for the bikes, you appear to looking for a recommendation of a bike, any bike, around a price point. Well, there are loads and loads and loads around that price point. You say you don't mind racy but then don't discount bikes with a much more relaxed really will have to try and make a decision on what you want or just write the names down and stick a pin in using a blindfold. Most of us will just recommend what we have...which may not work for you. The right sized bike is very important so don't overlook that.

    As above, pop down a shop and chat to the folks, try a few bikes but bike trials are very hit/miss as it can be hard to decide after a 10 min ride around the block. If in doubt, just buy a bike with a known name and that way you can always flog it for 60-70% of its price if you really cannot get on with it (just don't be tempted to saw things off or file other bits down!).
  • I took giant TCR advance 3(they didnt have adv2 in my size), i saved some money for better wheels and accesories, new tiagra were ok. I am 178,5 cm /82cm leg i took the M (55cm) i felt like the M/L were to big. I am glad i didnt overpay for things i dont need. During 2 weeks i tested about 40 bikes so i gets little tired. I think this frame is ok to upgrade in future.
  • GrillGrill Posts: 5,610
    You'll lose more fat with diet than cycling.

    As for the bike, buy the one you think is prettiest.
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