Tour Of Britain

Hairy Paul
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Anyone out there riding in the Tour of Britain (stage One) this weekend?
100.5miles of fun from Glasgow, snaking south through Ayrshire into Dumfries and Galloway..
Watch out for the bad roads in rural East Ayrshire, lots of loose gravel & badly laid tarmac patches. Some sections are even a bit dodgy on a Fat Bike with 4inch wide low pressure tyres! Riders will have to be 'on the ball' to stay upright on the B730 section from Skares. Road surface is very poor for about 7 miles from just after half way mark with an especially 'iffy' 90 degree right hand bend at the foot of a left hand sweeping descent to 'Littlemill' where the road is often slippy with muck on the road from farm vehicles. (was a fair bit of mud and 'Moo Muck' on the road this morning)
Be careful out there!