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bottom bracket cannondale r1000

Wily-QuixoteWily-Quixote Posts: 269
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looking to the hive mind to solve a maintenance problem.

Can anyone help me with the right combo to fit a shimano ultegra groupset onto an existing truvativ BB or, if not, what BB i will require to match a cannondale 2005 aluminium frame to an aultegra groupset?

i am looking to buy either a whole new groupset for my 2005 cannondale or at least a shimano compact chainset. At the moment the bike has a truvativ rouleur 180mm crankset and i want to reduce the crank length and go down to a compact chainset.

I am going to source it online through wiggle/crc or siimilar and have a LBS build it. I don't know what bottom bracket will be suitable, or whether I need a new one to fit the shimano chainset. At the moment the bike has a truvativ giga-x drive BB.

The crc groupset builder allows the following options for the chainset:

Shimano BB71; BB92; Dura ace 9000 or ultegra 6800 and, of course, if the original truvativ BB will fit a shimano groupset I can just leave the original BB in situ.

Edit: cannondale archives state that the BB width is 68mm

can anyone help?




  • 68mm is standard on road bikes, does it state whether it's English or Italian threaded? The shimano spindle size is 24mm so if your old Chainset is the same and there's nothing wrong with your BB you could keep it.
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  • Monty DogMonty Dog Posts: 20,614
    Your BB is 68mm BSA (ITA is 70mm wide and only found on Italian bikes) plus you'll need to fit a new BB if fitting Shimano cranks - Truvativ GXP isn't compatible as it features a stepped spindle on non-drive side.
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  • Thanks guys.
    Have ordered a new 160 mm compact crankset and bb.
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