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Garmin 520 route planning

chaymckchaymck Posts: 185
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For a recent cycling holiday i had used garmin connect on pc to up load some courses to my 520 to follow (which worked great).

But while I was on holiday I had more time than expected. But as i didn't know the area I wanted a way to create a course to follow.

I didn't take a pc so needs to be done on Android phone. The connect website doesn't run correctly on my phone.

Garmin connect app will not do this.

I had detailed maps of the area on my garmin.

Any ideas or apps which would do this? I'm not looking to upgrade the garmin to 820 or 1000 yet.

Many thanks


  • cgfw201cgfw201 Posts: 669
    Don't think can be done without a computer which is bloody silly given the mobile-first world we live in. Garmin is about 10 years behind the curve with this stuff, but they are still the market leader in cycling.

    Bikes will come with GPS built into the stem before long which will all sync to phones.
  • if you can find a library or other location with public computers, you should be able to log into your Garmin connect account and create the course. When you save it, it will be in your app and ready to transfer to the device. I've done it from an airport and hotel lobby.
  • Go on to eBay and buy a cheap windows tablet such as a linx 7 or they are running windows you can install what you like connect and any mapping tools you want and just connect your 520 job done....I have a 500 and bought a linx 7 for about £70 installed garmin connect and strava etc job done.
  • You can also just go "free style" your Garmin will map where you have already been, just zoom out and circle back around until you intersect with your route. Then simply reverse track on the current route. Sometimes I get lost, I just zoom out on the Garmin and look for the light blue line and head towards it
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