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Cav Rise Above Sportive - Chester - N Wales

fenixfenix Posts: 5,437
Anyone else do this ? I thought it was much slicker than last years. Nice start and feed stations. Good route too - except maybe my legs weren't quite up to the distance.

Nice of Cav to be there at the finish to give out medals too. I'd sign up again for next year.


  • pmcclurepmcclure Posts: 36
    Did the 120km route. Feed stations not up to much. Ok if you like energy bars, gels, dried biscuits etc. Second food station very poorly placed (1/2 mile up a road which you then had to come back down. You then had to cross over the busy road to get back onto the route and it was at the bottom of a longish hill)
    Nice of Cav to be there at the finish to give out medals too

    I finished at 13:55.

    No sign of Cavendish or Cummins
  • fenixfenix Posts: 5,437
    Aah I did the long route - Cav waved us off and then rode around and still finished before us. I think he was on the 50 mile route ? Steve was doing an interview when we finished but Cav was handing out medals.

    Feeds had choices of gels. energy bars, water and loads of isotonic powders to add, flapjacks, jelly sweets, crisps, jaffa cakes, Cheddars etc. Plenty to choose from.

    And a nice burger at the finish too.
  • pauly69pauly69 Posts: 101
    I did the 120KM, and thought it was a pretty good route.

    We set off approx. 08:30, and given our 'hard for us but leisurely for fast riders' uphill pace, we had Cummings and Cav pass us on Horseshoe - Cav did the 120KM route too. I'm no climber and it was nice to see them blast past as if we were standing still :) - he did shout out words of encouragement on HP which was nice.

    We didn't finish until after 14:30, and Cav was there at the end for selfies etc., but if he wasn't there @ 13:55 I suspect he only hung around for a bout an hour.

    Agree on the feed stations, it's nice to get the SIS drink refills and gels, but could have had had some better real food I think.

    Will probably do it again next year, we'll see.
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