Standard rims strong enough?

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I am planning a solo Silk Road bike trip from Istanbul to Kashgar.
The route is about 5000km on mostly paved roads of varying quality.

I have a standard Norco Indie hybrid (2013) in good condition, which I am preparing for the trip. My query is whether the standard 700c rims and spokes will be strong enough for the additional weight of rack and panniers. The rims have no manufacturer's markings, and the tyres are 700c x 38. The weight of rider plus rear panniers = 95 kg (no front panniers, so weight distribution is back ended).

I am not concerned about the drive train because my MTB has exctly the same components, and it got me across far western China and Thailand without a hic-up. The brakes are upgraded to Avid BB7. I am just concerned about the strength of the wheels and spokes on my hybrid. I have test-ridden it laden, and it seems OK, but 5000km is a different matter. None-the-less, I don't want to buy new rims and spokes if not required.

Any information will be greatly appreciated.



  • Oh, and I should have mentioned some wheel specs: Double wall alloy with 32-spokes and 700c x 38 CST tyres.

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    It's not the rims, but the wheel construction. If the spokes are decent quality and tensioned properly, everything will be fine, if they are not, they might break and give you all sorts of problems. IME disc wheels are built better than normal rim brake wheels, at the low end of the market
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  • Thank you for your informative reply.
    The wheels have disc brakes (luckily). Although I have recently trued the wheels, I will get my LBS to inspect the spokes and re-tension and replace if required. Thanks again.