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Ritchey logic road 2.0

explosifpeteexplosifpete Posts: 1,327
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I' like to run a few road bikes, a winter fixed, a crit/eyeballs out bike and a comfortable all day bike. The later has been taken care of but an older Merida scultura with a centaur groupset, it's been a good bike but I've never really loved it, just a tool for a job and so I wanted to make something a bit nicer. I brought a used cube titanium frame which rode very well but didn't hit the spot, then came a Ridley helium which was awesome but more like my crit bike than a cruiser so the Merida came out of retirement.
But it's happened again and hopefully ive got it right this time.
So here it is, the ritchey logic road 2.0 frameset


When I got it up in the stand I was very impressed with the quality of it, welds are good, not perfect but pretty good, the finish inside is great and the paint is amazing.
I expected to have to run the seat tube reamer through and chase the threads but all were perfect and the frame is well aligned. So I'm very happy.
So on with the build, it was just gonna be a new set of wheels and then transferring the parts from the old bike but I'm now getting caught up in it!
After lots of pondering I've decided to build up a set of dt Swiss rr411 rims on to a pair of 24 hole 240 hubs with a 2 cross front and rear. I had planned to use a brass nipple on the rear and an alloy on the front to add strength and shave weight but dt recommend their pro head nipples and washers so I'll wait and see (I'm guessing this is to add strength to the non eyelet rim. All in I should be looking at a mid width, tubeless wheelset at around 1450grams.
I'll be running challenge strada open tubulars as the're so pretty but probably try a tubeless option come winter.
Stem and post are Thomson but I'm still undersided if I like the layback design yet
Groupset is still undecided, originally I was going for a 10 speed record titanium groupset, then 11 speed chorus, decided to build it up whith what I have and make my mind up when riding it.
Getting back to the frame there are only a couple of changes it would make, a braze on mech fitting is my preference and the down tube cable guides would be nicer a little further down and with barrel adjusters as I'm nota fan of and inline adjuster, as a campagnolo user I need to make gear tweaks on the go!


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