Front mounted childs seat

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Hey all,

My little one is coming up to a year old now, and I'd love to take her out for a ride on the bike with the Mrs and I.

Problem is, I ride a full suss XL Whyte T-129 which is over 650mm in the top tube, and has a weeny stem - which is great fun for me, but not so great for mounting child seats to from what I've read...

Can anyone offer up any advice on the following seats please? And which is the most likely to fit my bike. ... B002MCYWHG ... B000SD1HYW ... B00782XN2U



  • norvernrob
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    I've got the Weeride fitted to my CX bike. It doesn't need much headtube to clamp to as the clamp is only around 10mm wide. I think they only fit up to 60cm from seat post to headtube, if yours is 65cm that could well be an issue.

    Ps: That 'classic' Weeride in your link is the US model, the Euro model is the 'SafeFront' and has extra features - a bigger seat, footstraps and better side protection. It's £75 at Halfords, so only £67.50 with BC membership.
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    Ah cheers!

    I'm gathering from how it 'adjusts' it will have some 'extra' room leftover...? Whether that's safe and secure enough is another thing!

    I might pop into Halfrauds then and see if they can try one on my bike.

    Cheers again.