GT Avalanche (upgraded)

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I've owned my GT for almost 16 months. I've covered 4000 XC miles on it during that time and have replaced everything that's needed it as it's worn out. So a few chains, tyres, bottom bracket, chain ring, brake pads etc...

I've also upgraded a couple of things. First was the wheels, the original GT wheels were truly awful. Spokes always loosing tension, free hub wore out rapidly and the hubs were shot within 6 months. So I fitted some Mavic Crossride and converted to tubeless. Such a nice set of wheels, sealed cartridge bearings and not one spoke has came loose or snapped in almost a year now. Currently running on Rocket Ron tubeless tyres which I think are the best MTB tyres I've ever had for fast XC type riding.

I've recently upgraded the headset to a FSA sealed cartridge bearing type as the original cage bearings didn't like winter very much last year! Also the original Rock Shox coil forks are gone in favour of a Rock Skox Reba solo air with adjustable compression/lockout. I've ditched the remote that was on the bars and much prefer it now.

Lastly some minor things like grips/pedals and blingy bolts, valve caps, jockey wheels, cable ends etc... have been added.

I really love the bike, it's spec really suits me and what I do with it. Anyway, I'll shut up and post a couple of pics of my GT as it is now...