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SRAM Red Rear Derailleur 22sp

Fat-Boy-RoubaixFat-Boy-Roubaix Posts: 413
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Going home yesterday my rear mech got stuck on the 26t ring almost felt like the cable was frayed stopping it coming down the cassette so I stopped and tried the cable and it seemed ok couldn't get it working so made my way home SS stlye.

Got home bought a new cable pulled out my original and it was fine on closer inspection the spring inside the rear mech is buggered and according to SRAM

A. It is not a serviceable part so a £230+ RD has to be binned for a 50p Spring. (SRAM Tech Dept UK)
B. As it is a Jan 2014 bike it is out of 2 year Warranty tough censored (SRAM Tech Dept UK)
C. Are SRAM tossers or would you think this is fine?

The bike is well looked after, ridden in rain but kept indoors and always kept clean and tidy. I don't think 2.5 years and 10k miles is good wear and tear add to that the spring itself doesn't look corroded just dull and is snapped at where it looks like it attaches to one side of the RD.

Now I could pick up a Force for £70 or some early 22 speed that match mine are knocking around at £200ish but still 2.5 years life and 50p spring fubars a £300 (RRP) part! But I wouldn't want a Force RD with a SRAM Red bike, cannot really say why except it won't match! Don't think I would notice the difference between the two anyway, maybe get some SRAM Red stickers lol.

Any suggestions?

Really hard to see who to contact @ SRAM other than Tech Support as they default to their dealers won't deal direct and the Bike shop I bought the bike from just offered to sell me a new one..


  • robbo2011robbo2011 Posts: 1,017
    Buy a cheap rival 22 mech and swap the spring over onto the Red mech?

    No idea if they are the same springs, mind.
  • sungodsungod Posts: 13,775
    try every lbs in the vicinity, in their boxes of broken/worn stuff they may have a red rear mech that they'll give/sell you the spring from

    also try the br wanted section, maybe someone switching to etap will be willing to part with their old rear mech

    tbh sram is not alone in this, there're other manufacturers who either don't do a spares service or market stuff as being serviceable but then fail to ensure the spares actually exist in the distribution chain
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  • It is not so much the part but it is sealed within the mech and the mech is held together with these flat head pins that are only in one side if that makes sense, so cannot even try to knock them out one side to the other. Can't really see where it was attached to when its one the bike will take it off tomorrow and have a closer look. The gaps are tiny to do it when mech is together
  • sungodsungod Posts: 13,775
    there's a tuning thread on ww that i remembered, people have taken pins out of earlier red rear mechs, some of the same methods might work with the 22, for instance... ... 0#p1191147

    ...given that it's toast otherwise, if you can't persuade the shop/sram to replace it (for instance on the basis of it not being 'fit for purpose', but bit of a long shot tbh) you may as well try if you can get hold of a spring that'll fit
    my bike - faster than god's and twice as shiny
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