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Help re Headset Fitting PLEASE!

cij28cij28 Posts: 1,272
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I will firstly mention that I build quite a few bikes so not a newbie but have a query on a frame I'm building up.

It's a Felt FA alloy frame with carbon forks and alloy steerer.

It has a tapered headset which I have 1.5 lower bearing and 1.25 upper bearing.

The query is whether or not the forks need a crown race fitted or not?

Other bikes I have are carbon steerer with no need for a crown race as bearing sits on the fork crown directly.

Ive put it together without the race and it looks and feels like the fork crown is rubbing on the head tube and if I try to slide the crown race on it is a very tight fit indeed.

I've added pics of forks without the race and pic with race slid down without any force applied.

Be grateful if you could let me know if it's needs the race fitting or not? ... res/BcRQ02

Many Thanks



  • cij28cij28 Posts: 1,272
    That should read 1.125 upper bearing!
  • jgsijgsi Posts: 5,029
    As headsets are the bane of my workshop fettling... I feel the pain....
    my answer is , if when fitted the steering is not what it is supposed to be like , then a crown race is needed.
    Finding the correct one is an 'art'... but those which are split are easier to apply.
    Crown race setting some times needs the meaty piece of the workshop tool to whack it in with considerable force... but yours seems not so bad.. I'd still recommend a setting tool or trip to will go . you could be brave and drift it in with a broad blade screwdriver.
  • cij28cij28 Posts: 1,272
    Thanks for the reply and I suspected that was the case as otherwise the bottom of the bearing meets directly with the flat black part of fork crown.

    I'll try and find a split one as that makes more sense.

  • jgsijgsi Posts: 5,029
    oh.. as an after thought.. if you are going to fit a star nut.. get a star nut installer tool... it will make your life easier and saner.
  • cij28cij28 Posts: 1,272
    I'm going to get the lbs to fit the star nut and they can hopefully sort the headset fitting too!

    I'll do the rest from there.

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