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Q Rings Chainline Issue

bradsbeardbradsbeard Posts: 210
edited August 2016 in Workshop
Need some help on my Rotor Q Rings. Please see this video:

As you can see there is quite some movement in the chainline. Does not matter how much I adjust the low, high or straightening screws I get chain rub. This happens only on the outer chainring the inner is fine. Warped chainring? Is just the chainline is to out that it'll always rub a little?

Although I installed the Rotor Q Ring shim at 6 degree angle I still cannot change gears 36\14\13\12\11. Not a problem in itself as I wouldn't use these ratios normally. The inner ring does not have the movement that the outer ring gives.

I'm installing on a Giant defy Advanced Pro 0 with a Ultegra 6870 Di2 front mech.

Any help gratefully received.
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