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29" rear tire - Maxxis Ikon alternative

LimitedGarryLimitedGarry Posts: 400
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My rear 2.2 Maxxis Ikon is nearing to being half worn. Even though I'm unlikely to wear it down in the next month or so, I decided it's already time to start looking into possible alternatives, so that I don't have to worry about it last-minute.

Most of the stuff I do is general XC, grass, dirt, gravel, you name it... and lots of asphalt in between. The thing is that the Ikon is actually almost perfect in this regard. The only real problem is when I get into technical climbing. On lose or muddy climbs, I often end up going into a full stop in steep sections, because the Icon doesn't have enough grip to keep climbing. You need to put your foot on the ground, and than you can either hope for the best and try to get going again, or suck it up and walk through the steep section. It bothers me enough to look for an alternative rear tire.
To be clear, I'm not looking for a mud tire. I don't do trails, I ride on just about anything and when I go into technical climbs, I do expect difficulties with grip (part of the fun, right?). I'm looking for something that's still reasonably fast rolling and versatile, but has a bit more grip than the Ikon in "lose conditions". I'm not at all opposed to sticking with the Ikon (albeit the 2.35 version). Just wondering if there are better suited alternatives out there.


  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,599
    Bontrager XR3 or 4, Team Issue. Depending on degree of knobbiness you want. XR3 good on rear, or front in harder conditions, XR4 for softer ground.
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  • HerdwickHerdwick Posts: 523
    maxxis ignitor is really good, maybe a bit slower on the paved road from the ikon, grip is reasonably good for what you want I suspect
    Was using the onza ibex 2.4 that came stock on my bike and moved to the ignitor now and is great where I ride most, basically loose over hard, dusty and rough trails, It rolls way better than the ibex but not as good at extreme angles, something to be expected really
    in mud don't know yet but might work better than the ardent, the midlle knobs are not that close so mud shedding maybe a bit better?
    check Maxxis crossmark ii looks ok as well

    what cooldad suggested
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