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Garmin uploading to Strava

Pedro872Pedro872 Posts: 67
edited August 2016 in Road buying advice
Hi I'm looking at upgrading my Garmin edge touring but what I want to know is can you upload to Strava via a 820 or 1000 without the use of a laptop/pc. Basically my laptop is knackered and aren't fussed about buying another as I have an iPad that negates the need for a laptop in most situations.

Thanks for any advice,



  • Dan WaltonDan Walton Posts: 147
    Yes, I believe they should both do it, my 520 certainly does so I should expect the "better" models to.

    Sorry, just realised I should clarify, my Garmin syncs with my iPhone after a ride via Garmin Connect which then outputs it to Strava. It's not something that the Garmin will do on its own.
  • Once you have setup an 820 or 1000 to use your WiFi network it will happily upload with no other device needed.
  • Pedro872Pedro872 Posts: 67
    Ok thanks for the advice guys I may go for the 820.

    Thanks again.
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