Diamondback Insight 1 vs Diamondback Trace vs Nashbar Trekking

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So I am planning on buying a new bike. Right now I ride a mountain bike but that is kind of hard to ride in the city since it takes more effort to turn the wheels. I'm 16 and 5'8" if that helps! Thus I think for any bike the frame should either be 18 or 19". So on Nashbar.com they are having a 25% off! The Insight 1 would cost $278 while the Trace would cost $375, and the Trekking would cost $270. I don't ride a lot probably 4 times a month or so but in the summer for 3 months I will be riding constantly. I don't plan on spending anything over 400 which is why I plan on taking the 25% deal since usually the Trace would cost $500