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Marzocchi Marathon LR max tyre size?

jrabjrab Posts: 99
edited August 2016 in MTB buying advice
A quick question on recommended tyre sizes for forks. Bike is a hardtail used for XC stuff, nothing much technical (too inexperienced & wussy for that!!). Currently running Nobby Nic 26x2.1 front & rear, happy with the tyres but thinking of trying a wider front, ie Nobby Nic 2.25 or 2.4 (559-57 and 559-60 respectively compared to current 559-54, increases air volume +11% volume or +25% each). Note - I'm NOT looking for "try a High Roller / Minion / etc" suggestions....!

Looking at the current setup with the 2.1 tyre, there's plenty of room for the 2.25, but looks a bit tighter for the 2.4. According to the manual for my Marzocchi Marathon LR forks, the max recommended tyre size is 60mm wide with max wheel+tyre diameter of 684mm. The 2.4 Nobby Nic would be right on the 60mm width and have an overall diameter of 579mm. Question is - are the Marzocchi recommendations likely to be the biggest tyre that will fit without rubbing the fork, or will it allow for at least some amount of mud clearance top & sides??

By the way, rims are 559x19c - the 2.4 tyres might be a touch wide for the rims, with the Nobby Nic lightweight sidewalls?

I could just go with the 2.25" (is a fair bit lighter and should be a good balance with 2.1" rear?) but figure I'd end up wondering if I should have gone the whole hog with the 2.4"....??

Cheers for any thoughts.

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