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Bent steerer tube

ArthfaelArthfael Posts: 30
edited September 2016 in MTB workshop & tech
Short story, is it safe to try straighten it somehow? (i doubt it but... I wont be able to afford a fork for a while now)
and do steerers bend that easily???
**pics bellow

How that happened???
Long detailed story bellow if you are not borred.

I dont even know where to begin... So, I recently got a trail bike (Commencal El camino), brand new, and that thing came with a Suntour XCR 120mm travel. After a fast decent in a steep trail at some mtb event there was a small drop (way too small, even an XC bike could make that) my fork bottomed (yeah coil was too soft for me but suntour never gave me an answer where I can get a stiffer one, they just told me to wait for an answer, and almost a month has been through) ending up in a front manual with my whole weight behind the saddle and in the end I launched my self hard over the bar and landed without the bike in some bushes and rocks (helmet saved most of my face)
Note that the bike didnt hit anything that could cause the steerer to bent, it stopped way back before the rocks and bushes, even the frame etc had no scratches. Im 100% sure it bent when it bottomed.





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