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Wide saddle recommendations

Dan WaltonDan Walton Posts: 147
edited August 2016 in Road buying advice
Hi all.

I'm on the lookout for a new saddle to go on my Propel, the current Giant Contact SL Forward saddle on it was ok for the shortish distances I usually ride (30-40 miles) but after doing a longer ride a couple of weeks back (just over 80 miles) I think there is definitely room for improvement.

I have had a bike fit done previously (a Trek Precision Fit one) and when my sitbones were measured I came out as being suited to the wider offerings, certainly wider than my current one, but at the time the saddle hadn't caused too many issues as the bike was still new.

After my usual rides I often experience a bit of numbness for a bit , which passes, but after my longer ride it lasted a few days... not great! I also have been feeling a bit sore on the inner thigh area recently, which is leading me to believe a new saddle might be required.

I know saddles are all very personal, but knowing that I would need a wider offering, what are peoples recommendations?
I also am very reluctant to put anything from another bike manufacturer on, which means no to any Specialized offerings!

I know with the correct width I should suffer less numbness, but I feel a cut-out might also be beneficial?

I have done a search but it's difficult to sift through and find anything useful, other than a bit on the Selle SMP. Any other suggestions?


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