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Canyon Endurace AL 6.0 2016-2017

KoenMKoenM Posts: 95
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Finally bought my self a winter/rain bike. Already changed alot of kit to make it a real winter/rain bike.
Here it is in all it's glory, below the photo's are the specs:






And the complete family:


Frame: Canyon Endurace AL 2016-2017
Groupset: Shimano 105, 50-34 chainring, 11-32 cassette.
Wheels: 3T Accelero 40 Pro, the wheels that came with the bike where the Mavic Aksium, and those wheels arn't very good so ordered these wheels when I ordered the bike. And it was a good choice, they are very stiff and roll very good and are aerodynamic enough while not being to hard to control in crosswinds.
Tyres: Continental GP-4000s II, they came with the bike and are my top choice anyway.
Saddle: Fizik Arione R7, came from my Rose, my censored is used to it.
Aerobars: Deda Metalblast, used to be on the Rose but better suit this bike.
Gpsmount: K-Edge Garmin/Go Pro mount.
-SKS Race Blade Carbonlook on the backwheel, does it job while being very light.
-SKS S-Board on the frontwheel, the Race Blade's front mudgeard didn't fit, but this one works great.
Saddlebag: Lizard Skins Cache, great size and the best part: it's blue!
Bottlecages: Blackburn Camber Cage Carbon: light, hold the bottles tight and are blue!
Pedals: Shimano PD-M520, the best cheap pedals.
Pump: Lezyne Gauge Drive HP M

Must also say that Canyon upped their game, while my MTB came a month to late this bike shipped a week earlier than the estimated shipping date.


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  • Nice set up, not sure it will look so good after a winter though.

    Is there a disc version?
    I'm sorry you don't believe in miracles
  • KoenMKoenM Posts: 95
    Not in this price range, but they have the Inflite. But I don't need disc-brakes on my roadbike, especially in the rain they need to replaced so much!
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