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rockshox monarch r issue

HerdwickHerdwick Posts: 523
edited August 2016 in MTB workshop & tech
Today had a full day riding the trails around troodos mountain with friends, the trails are quite gnarly, rocks, roots and ruts everywhere and a summer shower last weekend made the trails even worse

Problem is, at the end of the first trail somewhere 13mins duration felt the rear way to harsh, stopped and found the shock packed down to 3/4 travel and had to turn the rebound full fast for the shock to return, on the touch the thing was HOT no where near the other shocks from the rest of the bikes I was riding with. Had to keep the rebound fully open so the shock would bearly work and no matter how hard would hit it it would not get full travel anywhere and was harsh as hell!

Also a few days ago had an issue with air leak as the shock would not hold its sag, but removing the can and pumping it up to pressure solved this out.

The shock is a monarch r HV with four volume bands that came in from the factory, run 30% sag on my yt jeffsy

Anyone had a simillar issue with a monarch?
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