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Saddle fore-and-aft position

rumbatazrumbataz Posts: 796
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I'm convinced on one of my bikes that the saddle's fore-and=aft position is incorrect. I find myself subconsciously sliding a bit further forwards or backwards every now and then during a ride.

So, how do I find out which way to adjust the saddle? Is it just trial and error or is there a more scientific way to know work out which way it needs to go?


  • dnwhite88dnwhite88 Posts: 285
    A good starting point is to sit on the bike with the pedals in the 3 and 9 o clock position and drop a plumb line down from your front knee cap, it should be inline with the pedal axle. Adjust your reach to the bars with stem length, not saddle position.
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  • diamonddogdiamonddog Posts: 3,368
    Link below to a fitting guide, very useful IME. ... orBike.jsp
  • You might just use different parts of the saddle depending on your overall position, sitting slightly backwards whilst climbing, on the nose of the saddle when in the drops of the bars etc.

    If you are moving constantly trying to find a more comfortable position it may be the fore/aft but if it feels more like you are self selecting a better position to suit your riding and deliver more power, then it might be you just prefer using the whole saddle, rather than one fixed position.
  • rumbatazrumbataz Posts: 796
    I'll take a more detailed look tomorrow - thinking more about it, it may be the pitch up/down that needs adjusting slightly. Trying to recall my recent rides, I find myself sliding slightly further back in the saddle to get more comfortable around every 10 minutes or so. I don't do this on the other bike (hybrid), just on the road bike.

    So, perhaps the saddle is tilted too high at the the front and/or needs to go back slightly?
  • Make sure you only make small adjustments each time, like 2.5mm
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  • HillNoHillNo Posts: 6
    I had exactly the same problem and by researching on the forums and reading a little on Steve Hoggs Web site about bars I learnt to tilt my handle bars very slightly up. That made a MASSIVE difference. Much better all round feel and control and the shoulder niggle has gone to. It's a very much missed concept even by seasoned riders to not bring bar tilt into the equation. It all fairness it does alter the angle of the drops though but can be a life saver too. Think about it as a positional change guys. Made the stack closet too if that's the correct term and I wasn't leaning forwards so much which I didn't want to be doing. I have to tinker and have learned from here and Mr Hogg that very small changes are the key. Bar tilt!
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