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Just wanted to know what action cam you guys use. Looking to get me one o' those Xiaomi Yi 4k's. Heard its a go pro hero 4 killer. Half the price. I mainly use it for my vlogging, like harley and gcn. But we are here in the Philippines. :D


  • dannbodge
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    I've got a SJCam 4000+

    Looks like the hero 3 but has a proper screen on the back.
    Was around £80 and does 1080p at 60fps so does me nicely.
  • I use AKASO Brave 5. A good camera for its price. I bought it for $ 99. From myself I can note that this action camera in 4k shoots worse than the famous GoPro, but I also had enough video as FullHD at 60fps. As for cheap cameras with better picture quality, I can not say anything, but maybe you'll find it here , where I read about my AKASO and decided to buy it. Pay attention to Yi 4K and TomTom Bandit
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    I've got an AEE, it's a bit old now but gives really good quality images.