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Hoping to cycle to the Galibier from Bourg side in a couple of weeks and wondered if they were any drink water fountains on the way up.

I know there's none from the Lauteret up to Galibier but any along the valley?


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    There is one at the top of the Lauteret as you get to the top there is a carpark on your left hand side of the road,in there there is a water trough with a tap/fountain running into it,I was in the carpark a few weeks ago
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    Ah thanks, I've parked in that car park a few years ago so I know where you mean.
  • On a related note, if you are doing this route from Bourg, there is a much nicer road between Bourg and the Dam, really quiet and scenic. Overlooks the valley. You need to do the first 5 hairpins on Alpe'd Huez to start it but it's well worth it. There is also a garage just before the dam if you were desperate.

    https://www.alpedhueznet.com/cycling/ro ... ley-668703

    I did this route when staying Alpe d'huez last week and used it to get to the Col de Sarenne.

    https://www.strava.com/activities/675699305 Mile 6 to 20(althought I did an extra climb which you can miss out). Includes a photo taken from the route.
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    I think the Galibier on it's will be enough for one day for me without the hairpins of AdH..

    I'm quite familiar with the area as I've been lucky enough to go every year for last 5/6 years...and this will be my second time this year :) but I've never ridden to the Galibier...

    I've driven that road - and found it quite scary!
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    There's one in la grave just before Lauteret starts, its a tap attached to the side of the tourist office I seem to remember
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  • Just a minor aside but climbing the Galibier from the Bourg side is not really the classic side of the Galibier, the classic side is from Valloire. It's not a bad climb from the top of the Lauteret but not very long and you don't get the same amazing views from the other side.