Argon 18 Nitrogen

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Sram Red / Force 22 groupset
KMC X11SL chain
Chris King ceramic bottom bracket
Chris King hubs on Enve 6.7 SES clincher rims
Enve stem and SES aero bars
Specialized S-Works power saddle
Look Keo Carbon blade pedals
Continental GP4000SII 25mm tires
K-Edge Garmin mount and chain catcher
Lezyne carbon bottle cages
Ridiculously fast and just over 15lbs weight!









  • noodleman
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    Nice! White saddle kind of spoils it a bit though.
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    Very pretty.
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  • diamonddog
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    Lovely bike, agree a different coloured saddle would make it look even lovelier.
  • bristolpete
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    Smart ! Liking that one.
  • type:epyt
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    The white saddle matches the decals ... White tape would make it even smarter ...
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  • joenobody
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    Very nice. I'm thinking about one of these next year, as a 40th birthday present to myself :)
  • velogee
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    Nice and aggressive aero bike with classy components to boot
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  • jlhopwo
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    How are you getting on with the power saddle?
  • Wow

    That looks fantastic.

    Agree about the saddle though. Black or red, but not white.
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  • bencolem
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    Thanks for all the kind words. It's an amazing bike and if you are considering one - do it. It's genuinely a lot faster than a 'conventional' road bike but what surpises most is the comfort - it's become my go-to bike for centuries instead of my weight weenie build because it's just fast and comfy!

    It's a fairly light bike but it can feel a little laggy to accelerate up the climbs, maybe it's just compared to what else I'm used to - I guess there's more rotational weight in the deeper section rims. That said, it's like cheating on the fast Wednesday club ride!

    I have the power saddle in black as well and put the white one on as an experiment because I quite liked the contrast / stand out (whilst it does pick up on the white of the logos). The black saddle is a bit 'hidden' by comparison. Guess I better swap it back then! Do rate the saddle - used to ride Antares, then moved to Regale and now the Power, it definitely works best for me, great shape.
  • I sooo need a TT bike :)
    Trek,,,, too cool for school ,, apparently
  • fr34ky
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    Hi bencolem!

    I have the same frameset! And I see you made the same mistakes I did.. so I'm here to warn you :P

    gp4000 25mm is way too high for this frameset. The clearance is about 1-2mm between the tire and the frame. When some dirt get s in there from the tire it will scratch, damage the frame! (you will hear rubbing noise)

    the rear brake cable has to be a xxxmm long and has to have a barell adjuster! Once you set up the brake cables with the bolt you souldn't touch them! The material it's made of is so soft.., it will brake after couple if touches. Use the barell adjuster instead!

  • fr34ky
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  • bencolem
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    Hey fr34ky - nice build, very 'business-like'!

    You're spot on with the comments - a barrel adjuster is a great shout for the brakes as they are a complete PITA to adjust and you're right about the tyre clearance (but I only ever ride in the dry and although it's close haven't had any issues / do like the GP4000SII 25mm's).
  • fr34ky
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    Thank you.

    As I said be very careful with that clerance. That space is not much and as soon as some dirt gets in... Look at mine how was it for me..

    Also How do you like the brakes? :D was a pain in the backside for a while. Also, I am getting the measurements for the brake cable for you.
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