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Scott Speedster 20?

IamPlodIamPlod Posts: 23
edited August 2016 in Road beginners
Has anyone got any thoughts/reviews on a Scott Speedster 20?
I'm looking at this for my first road bike as it seems to have everything on it that I need in my price range (£800). I'm hoping to take one for a test ride later this week. I'm struggling to find many reviews online so any thoughts/advice would be appreciated.


  • Have you had a look on ebay at this price you can get a carbon bike.
  • IamPlodIamPlod Posts: 23
    I'm buying on C2W so ebay's not an option, also all the advice I've been given is not to go for carbon at this price point for a first road bike
  • I personally wouldn't go for this bike as the price doesn't really add up. What do you really want from your first road bike???
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