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Ribble / Bianchi combo

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SInce it was such an utterly miserable day, I decided against braving the wind and rain of a Scottish summer and treated both my "good" bikes to a clean, polish and lube. For no other reason than it's probably as good as they have ever looked I thought I would post a couple of pics. I've posted them before but both have had new bits and bobs added over the last few months. The Ribble Gran Fondo has a new SRAM Rival 22 groupset, the Bianchi Impulso has new Campagnolo Scirocco wheels. Both have new Vittoria Rubino honey (natural) coloured tyres . Weather looks decent(ish) for the next week or so, so fingers crossed the new tyres get some miles on them. :D


Ribble Gran Fondo
Bianchi Impulso
BMC Teammachine

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