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Fear to lose the training...

gontxo_nosgontxo_nos Posts: 28
edited August 2016 in Health, fitness & training
Hello, my training season ended on May 15 when I finish the MTB Marathon of 3 days. After that date, I have a break the bike training during 3 weeks for a injury.

After these three weeks, I returned much better although with higher pulse, somewhat normal. Only it made routes to enjoy in my bike because my training session has ended on May 15.

Just 3 weeks ago, I suffered a sharp fall and I had to sew the knee :(. Now I have no points, but has yet to regenerate tissue. Luckily, I have nothing broken, it's just flesh and skin.

I think I'll don't ride with the bike 4 to 6 weeks at least. Until it heals completely.

This year I trained a lot and I'm afraid to lose all training. Also I'm a little sad because in October, by work, I can not take the bike.

I will lose much?, I'm really worried and do not stop mulling...:(.

Thanks in advance.
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