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Suggest a smart women's commuting jacket please

antsmithmkantsmithmk Posts: 717
edited August 2016 in Commuting chat
The Mrs needs a new jacket. Any suggestions and bargains greatly appreciated.

Needs to have zipped pockets, and also be smart enough to pass as a smart coat. I suggested a couple of Rapha items.... she laughed at the price.


  • DrLexDrLex Posts: 2,142
    Does she like orange? Giro Neoshell from TackyMaxx
    Small jacket from £299 to £46 - here. (It is a man's one, though - 35-36.chest)
    Buy it before Rick Chasey sees it - he'll love the Dutch colour...
    Location: ciderspace
  • DrLexDrLex Posts: 2,142
    Gone now, so I hope a forum member bagged it.
    Location: ciderspace
  • antsmithmkantsmithmk Posts: 717
    Just got back to this. Thanks anyway
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