Training Camp - October - HELP

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I am 52, slow (ave. 21kph) overweight and big. But keen.

Does anyone have any experience of an overseas training camp who also has a similar background to me (I do about 100km per week at the moment).

I would like to go this coming October and have been in contact with Stuart Hall (presumably not THAT Stuart Hall) in Mallorca.

Any tips gratefully received.

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  • sungod
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    not tried it but i've often seen groups from here out and about...
    my bike - faster than god's and twice as shiny
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    I was a year in when I went to Mallorca for a bike camp (Andy Cook Tours). 56 years old and aerobically fit but a way from bike fit. Nervous as hell in a sea of lycra, it didn't help when Iberia lost my bike. And kit.
    Moving on (with a hire bike until that sh!t airline found my bike two days later), Andy put us in 4 groups of differing ability, all lead by a pro. Distances were about 50-100 miles per day depending on your group, but there was always a support vehicle and lots of coffee stops.
    I went in low (grp 4) but was in Grp 3 by lunchtime on Day 1 which was good as from Grp 3 they did the big hills. And that's what you are there for. Must do Sa Calobra and Puig Major altho' the latter is more rightly named Pig Major.
    Important tips; make sure you eat all you can over breakfast and dinner.
    Make sure you have a comfortable saddle
    Don't fly Iberia unless you have to
    And, if you're big, get small - 34,000 ft of climbing in 5 days
    Good luck
  • Dave_P1
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    Check out in Mallorca. They split the rides up into 4 different groups, with each group riding slightly different distances and speeds. It's a well run camp with friendly staff and ride captains.
    My advise would be to give them a buzz ad explain your current fitness levels to see how well you fit in, but I'm sure you would be fine.
  • giropaul
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    Autumn camps are typically less training focussed than the spring ones. They are sometimes referred to as wind-downs, still good group riding, good speed but a bit more relaxed. It would be a good introduction for you. Make sure that you get into the right group by chatting to the ride leaders, underestimate to start with and see how you go.
    I don't go with the "tick off every climb" mentality, some climbing is ok, but for you I think you would get more experience and speed from a good working group riding tightly. I'd also recommend eating well, but not too much ( as is easy in the buffet), I know lots of riders who come back heavier than when they arrived!