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2015 Cube LTD Race 27.5

Giantmatt75Giantmatt75 Posts: 149
edited August 2016 in Your mountain bikes
4344FF6F-D2B3-46AC-9F89-703B2159137A_zpswvu77oif.jpg a year with no bike I was on the look out for a hardtail for general xc / trail stuff and saw this discounted . Had a test ride locally then bought this online :) . Made a few changes to suit me better but overall I'm really pleased with it.


  • RockmonkeySCRockmonkeySC Posts: 15,247
    I'm sure it's a great ride but holy censored that paint job is horrible.
  • I've got to admit it's grown on me and does look nicer in the flesh lol. Race face seatpost and stem ordered. The Reverse stem was a cheapie to check positioning but 70mm feels spot on . Turbine stem will just be a little nicer
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