New BooK Release - Bike Camp Cookbook

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Hello all,

Wanted to share my new book "Bike Camp Cookbook" with you all. It derived from a cross country bicycle tour from New York to California in 2014. I prepared meals outside that were healthy, quick and easy to make. All the meals were prepared from my SnowPeak solo camp stove and the food at markets and gas stations.

Take a look inside the book and and buy. I believe my book is the answer to many people who camp and/or bike tour who worry about food and other meals to prepare while out on extended or even short weekend adventure. It's also a book you can adapt to your own style of cooking and perhaps change your perspective overall.

In addition to the food I have 4 stories from the road of my favorite places I've traveled through in the U.S. These locations include Kansas, Colorado, Nevada and Virginia. I'm really psyched on the images because they really take me back to when I was on this trip. I'm pumped for this and hope it can be of help to many of you who are planing a trip or looking at getting creative at the camp site.

Lastly please leave an honest review.

Link to Book: