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Jersey advice - not too thin or meshed

digitaldavedigitaldave Posts: 114
edited August 2016 in Road buying advice
I'm planning on buying some new jerseys, however some that I've looked at seem quite thin (it looks like you can clearly see the bib shorts underneath), or they feature a lot of mesh which isn't a look I'm after (people don't need to see that much detail!). So, I'm after feedback from people with experience of these things. Some of the specific jerseys I've looked at include:

dhb Blok, Aeron, Classic - they seem good value, and I like the designs, especially some of the Blok ones.
Chappeau Etape, Tempo - again, I like some of the designs.

If anyone has feedback one these, or suggestions for other brands that are good value, I'd love to hear it. The reasons I've looked at these are that I like the designs (particularly the dhb Block), and they seem like good value.


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