Longterm chain/cassette/chainring Commuter wear-out test

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My name is Ronald form the Netherlands.

This is my project Chain/Cassette/chainring wear.
The idea around this project started some time ago.
I commute to work every day, +/- 50km a day.
So that’s around 1100km each month.
So I wear out lot’s of chains and cassettes each year.
My goal is to see how long I can do with a cassette, chainring and chain.
The thing that is popular right now is buying 3 chains and cycle them around every 500km.

This test will start with these parts:
· Dura ace 9 speed 12-21 cassette
· 3 chains (KMC, Miche, Shimano)
· Wolftooth Componants (Elliptical) 36T BCD104 Chainring
· Lube (Pedro’s)

These are some of the things that I will do after every ride:
Clean the chain with a cloth, or when really dirty with degreaser.
Lube is after every ride
The chains will be numbered 1, 2 & 3. And will be changed every 2 weeks (after +/- 500km).
I will measure the chain every week with a digital calliper gage.

I will be posting my weekly updates here so you guys/girls can follow this if you will.

Ronald vd Boon