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2016 - Voodoo Hoodoo - new toy added

DanieljephcottDanieljephcott Posts: 334
edited September 2016 in Your mountain bikes
Hello All,

thought id start a post on this bike as not many people have covered it, lots on the 2013 model(red bike frame).

So picked this up earlier this week already assembled from Halfords. After nipping up a couple of things and sorting my riding position out i was good to go with very little hassle.
Only been out once on a fairly flat ride and will be doing the same run today but adding a quick little bridleway to the mix.

I was actually surprised how well it went on the tarmac as i could pick up some good speed even though the Ardents are quite nobbly.

The bike certainly fills me with confidence and seems quite agile, i think it would do well around cannock once im fit enough.

Anyway ill leave this pic here and ill keep this updated over the next few weeks to see how the bike goes.



  • dirkpitt74dirkpitt74 Posts: 518
    Nice bike.
    You should be fine round Cannock.
    Don't worry too much about fitness - just get out, take your time and enjoy the ride.
  • oxomanoxoman Posts: 8,827
    You should be fine around cannock, just do a section at a time like the all the gear no idea brigade do. Enjoy the bike.
    Too many bikes according to Mrs O.
  • Had a great second run at Cannock today. Massive learning curve in the wet, geez it kills your confidence at first.

    Beat my last time and the bike is still running great. Have also added my first upgrade which was changing the front tyre to a high roller 2 for the winter. Seems quite a popular duo with the ardent rear and high roller front.

    Got home, snow foamed the bike and now I'm shattered :).




  • Had a little present arrive today. Can't wait to test it out.



    Also a couple of photos of some recent outings.


  • JBAJBA Posts: 2,707
    Nice upgrade.
    Did you get the eBay one or buy new?

    Slow the raise speed down. It's coming up a bit fast and banging at full extension.
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    And it all promised so so much”

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  • Bought new in the end stressful that way I know it's covered under warranty etc.

    I thought that I'll knock it down a bit. Not had chance to have a play yet.
  • First evening ride out so needed a good light...damn it's bright. Got it from torchy.



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