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Hamsterley and Beyond GPX Files

miket-62miket-62 Posts: 227
edited June 2018 in MTB rides
Hello people :-)

Well my subject is kinda in the title.... ;-)

Does anyone have any GPX (Suitable for a Garmin) of the book "Hamsterley and Beyond"?
I've got and used quite a few rides from the book but as I get older I'm having to wear reading glasses to read the routes. Taking them off and putting them on ALL the time!!!!
I've got a Garmin 810 and it would be cool just to drop them into that and let me concentrate on my rides, while letting the Garmin tell me where to go :-)

Anybody got any?
Thanks in advance


  • oodboooodboo Posts: 2,177
    I've got four of them in viewranger so could export from there. Thought I had more than that but if no-one comes up with a better collection then you can have them.
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  • miket-62miket-62 Posts: 227
    Hello oodboo
    Yes please! If you wouldn't mind sending me them Plz! :-)
    Could you PM me?
  • alexjimalexjim Posts: 48
    Check this site it's very good ... eNumber=72
  • 02GF7402GF74 Posts: 1,294
    There is website that let's you map out a route on a os map and save in a variety of file formats.
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