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Which Flat Mount Spacer for 160mm Rotor?

RiggedRigged Posts: 214
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I've been working on a bike build and I'm down to the final stage but can't find what I need.

I have a Ridley X-Trail frame, SRAM Red hydraulic brakes and 160mm rotors. Frame and brake calipers are both flat mount, but 20mm of spacer is needed to accommodated the rear 160mm rotor over the standard 140mm.

I was led to believe the spacers would be include with the brake/shifters but they aren't.

The closest that I can find to what I think I need are these: ... prod108156

But I don't know if they're right since they specifically state post mount, and if so I don't know whether I need the CPS or standard option.

I can't quite believe the bit to get me stuck is such a simple thing. Can anyone point me in the right direction of what I need?

Everything I seem to look at are adapter plates for one mounting standard to another rather than just a spacer for the larger rotor diameter!

Thank you.
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