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DHB R1.0 - any give in them?

bold seagullbold seagull Posts: 145
edited August 2016 in Road buying advice
So like a twit I've gone on holiday with my bike but left my shoes at home. :evil:

So, I ordered a pair of DHB R1.0 road shoes as I figured I could do with a cheap pair over winter etc. to keep my others nice.

The DHB R1.0s have arrived in a size 45 and the size is pretty much perfect other than there is just a bit of tightness on my big toe (in a thickish pair of socks - seeing as I'm considering them for winter). So, the question is, do the shoes give a bit after a bit of wear? If they do I'll keep hold of these, but if not I may need to consider sending them back.

My feeling is they'll probably give and be a decent training / winter shoe, but would like a second opinion.
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