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Fat boy (not the bike) beginners advice and tips required

DanieljephcottDanieljephcott Posts: 334
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Hello All,

So I joined the forum about a week ago and have had two posts so far asking some questions regarding which mountain bike etc. You guys have been a huge help and the forums are great, so much info.

What I wanted to do was post up one thread which can answer most of my random questions all in one section rather than cluttering up the forums.

So with the advice I’ve had so far I’ve ordered a Voodoo Hoodoo which should be ready to collect from Halfords mid this week.
Now I’m not one to moan about Halfords I like to see who would be handling my bike before judging… not convinced that my bike will be built that well so this brings me to my first question.

1. Is there a perfect how to guide or youtube clip which will go through some basic checks so I can check everything on the bike before going out on a ride? Rather give it a go myself and learn rather than taking it to a shop for then to check over.

This brings me onto my next question. The reason for buying the bike is to Lose some weight and try to get fit, I really enjoy a decent ride out which is why I spent a little more this time round. The issue I have it that I’m a big guy, hence needing to lose weight and when out I seem to go all squiffy after half the ride and feel like im going to throw up or pass out… game over! I’m hoping to prevent this and now that my diet is on track I want to make sure I’m prepared for a ride so your advice on maybe what to eat before, during and after would really help.

I lost just over a stone so far with diet alone so hoping to step it up a gear(couldn’t resist), the goal is around 4-5 stone and at some point this year manage the “follow the dog” at cannock without embarrassing myself.

Any tips advice, fat jokes are welcome.



  • scoiscoi Posts: 103
    For the bike check, Park tools website had some good guides and if you go on YouTube and look for bikeradar there's loads of good videos on basic fixes.

    Generally just make sure nothing wobbles that shouldn't, the brakes don't rub when not pressed and stop quickly when they do, levers are in a comfortable position, check that each gear click on the shifter changes the cassette once and that it doesn't fall off either end. Sort the seat and handlebar position and go ride, you'll fiddle with a lot for the first few dozen miles.

    As for the weight loss. It's 90% diet and a lot of people over eat when exercising i.e. Eating 500 calories for a 400 calorie ride.

    If you're really procise with counting calories then figure out what you're going to burn on the ride and head out after lunch/dinner/tea, you'll have lots of energy in your system so shouldn't get the wobblies, take the calories you'll burn in your pack as cereal bars etc. Whatever you bring home is a weight loss bonus, if you scoff everything you'll be equal for the day and burn calories during recovery. The more you go the more your body will get used to turning food and fat into energy.
  • thanks for the info, ill check those websites out and hopefully ill be able to double check everything.

    regarding the food/energy i seem to go out and then burnt out really quick and i was wondering if its because im leaving it to long since last meal or if its just the fact im super unfit. i know some foods are good to have an hour before going out as it will give you that little boost.

    Im just looking to go out for a short ride without almost passing out.
  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,809
    scoi wrote:
    the brakes don't rub when not pressed
    Its normal for some light rubbing with disc brakes.....
    Current steed - Whyte T129, 2013 frame, mongrel Revelations, Giant dropper, Stans S1 wheelset. 12, Magura Trail Sport brakes, 1x11. 12.8Kg
  • scoiscoi Posts: 103
    The Rookie wrote:
    scoi wrote:
    the brakes don't rub when not pressed
    Its normal for some light rubbing with disc brakes.....

    Yeah, I probably should say that the wheel should spin a couple of rotations on its own when you spin it by hand on a stand.

    As for the energy drop, thata more than likely your body is not used to moving that much, I assume you've neglected the exercise for a while. Get out and ride as often as your legs will manage, it may take 4 days to recover at the start. Set up some loops of different distances, gradients and terrains. Start easy and within a few rides the body will get used to dealing with the demands your putting on it and what was tough tonight will be a breeze at the end of the month. The beginning improvements are fortunately quick.

    You can put a rigid programme in place but I find it better to just get out and ride. By the autumn you'll be/feel 10 times fitter and not have to carry a couple of stone around with you.
  • Don't know your starting point.. but did a similar thing from 18.5 stone down a couple years back.. The only time i ever got that faint dizzy feeling when i first started out was if i hadn't fuelled myself properly for the ride.. don't know what terrain and time you are doing on the rides, but might be worth carrying one of the SiS energy gels with you, just so that you can finish the ride in good condition.

    Not a great practice for every ride, but you will learn how much to fuel yourself for each ride before too long anyway.
  • Hey,

    So currently weighing in more a 20.5 stone but was 21.5. I think that was the issue and also pushing to hard. I think those gels might be a good idea just in case. Last thing i want is it putting me off.

    Currently I'm riding mainly flat foot path kind of routes just to build up some kind of fitness but really want to get into some trails. Last run was 10 miles which I did at a slow pace which took me an hour. Couple of stops and taking in some scenery.

    Might try the Ryton pools route back to leamington with some off roady bits but this is probably 18 miles ish and a bit off road so more effort is needed.

    I really want to do follow the dog this year so that's the goal.
  • as mentioned above, if your bombing out mid ride then youve pushed too hard or gone too far for your current level.

    i know when 1st got back on my bike after a long censored period off it & many stone more i was gone after around 5 miles as i tried to power everywhere to burn off the gut i had gained - even though i was not going fast i was in the wrong gears working myself ragged - this aint the best way for it as i felt lowsy for days afterwards & did not want to ride again for a while, this then extended to around the 30 miles or so as i got more used to things & did not push as hard unless needed - more spinning & less powering ( yes i was slower than i could have been BUT i went for longer & longer every ride & did not feel lowsy afterwards unless i pushed things too far due to unforseen headwinds or other such eventuality pushing me past my level of fitness at the time ) & as mentioned above after a few weeks my pace increased without me realising even though the miles were staying steady or increasing without feeling lowsy afterwards ( only time i realised is when i uploaded my garmin data & i say my average speeds rising & commute time dropping )

    last time i ventured out for a long ride ( when day off & nice weather actually hit on the same day lol ) i went for a quick ride to collect a couple of bike bits from a nearby halfords - extended the trip by going to a not so local halfords afterwards for some more bits while they were still cheap ( i had the stock left in the local store lol ) & then just using the rest of the days light just having a ride on local roads till i felt i had got close to my limit again, 50 miles went by before i knew it & i wanted more but run out of light & i wanted more the following day too but it was raining hard sadly :(

    so basically stick with it & take things steady to start with & build up steadily & you will soon be rattling along for mile after mile & burning off the weight ( oddly i found a nice steady walk with the dogs after a ride on the bike seemed to help settle my legs down in the early days until my body had got used to the new routine on the bike etc )
  • I lost just over a stone so far with diet alone so hoping to step it up a gear(couldn’t resist), the goal is around 4-5 stone and at some point this year manage the “follow the dog” at cannock without embarrassing myself.

    Well, 2 weeks ago you set yourself this target. Perhaps sooner than expected it looks like you've achieved it already? Is there another target in mind?
  • I'm on holiday in 2 weeks and the goal is 8 pounds to lose and one more day at Cannock :).
  • I'm on holiday in 2 weeks and the goal is 8 pounds to lose and one more day at Cannock :).

    Nice one! All the best with that.
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