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My Colnago

not-another-hillǃnot-another-hillǃ Posts: 1,310
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This started out as a Colnago CLX3.0 in black and white. I didn't like the garish graphics on the fork legs, seatpost and seat tube so I had it resprayed in a nice Matt black added Italian tricolores on the fork legs and on the seat tube and sprayed out the logos on the seat post entirely.
I then added 11 speed Di2 from my Wilier (I know, I wanted Campagnolo EPS too but I couldn't afford it! :roll: ), my Cosmics from the same bike, along with my favourite finishing kit of 3T Carbon Erganovas, 3T Arx stem, Look Keos and a trusty Charge Spoon saddle.

I know the stem isn't slammed, nor is it ever going to be with a 46 year old bad back, but she is probably the most comfortable all day bike I've ever ridden. Been up the Alps and all around the Loire on her, never missed a beat.

Im not trying to pretend she's a C60, although there is clearly a nod to the Italia colour way on the current model. I know some are going to hate it, but I love it.


  • bianchi_davebianchi_dave Posts: 847
    Very nice, like that a lot! I just picked up a used AC-R frame and built it up with a Shimano mix and RS80 wheels. I know what you mean about some of Colnago's garishness - mine is black with huge white Colnago lettering all over it, but much prefer what you've done. Good job.
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  • crescentcrescent Posts: 1,199
    Beautiful. 8)
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  • shipleyshipley Posts: 549
    Looks great, well done.

    Where did you get it sprayed ?
  • Thanks for the positive comments guys
    It was done by David at Colourtech in Dartford, Kent. Apart from a 3 week delay due to a trade show, he was spot on. Quoted a price and stuck to it (£170), allowed revisions as we went along and the finish is great. He even wouldn't allow me to take it because of a finger smudge under the down tube, so he kept it and resprayed that bit.
    Anyway, overall, very happy with the job
  • shipleyshipley Posts: 549
    Wow that's a good price and worth remembering.

    I have a CLX 2.0 that I use for foreign trips and very long rides (they are very comfy), but like you I'm not too keen on the over enthusiastic graphics. Did he provide all the decals too ?
  • BlueNGTBlueNGT Posts: 119
    Nice....I bought a CLX 3.0 frameset last year and had it painted a custom colour.

    Not ridden it yet as I tore my hamstring last year and just now back on the bike (my other bike for now). Can't wait to get it out though!!
  • Not sure how he did it to be honest, I think he masked the large Colnago on the down tube and somehow masked up Ernesto's signature and the other small decals, then rubbed it down, blew it over with black, sprayed on the tricolores, then lacquered it with Matt lacquer....I think? :?
  • shipleyshipley Posts: 549
    Hmm, thanks for the info. I smell a winter project coming on !!
  • If you need any more details or info let me know and I'll PM you his contact details etc
  • shipleyshipley Posts: 549
    Thanks mate will do.
  • Not another hill,

    Been toying with the idea of a frame re-spray with Dave at Colourtech..... Nice work on your Colnago, BTW.

    I like the idea of a carbon re-spray, but I've a nagging doubt over the finer details, as a mate of mine had a re-spray done my a friend and whilst the basic paint job is OK, the finer detail really lets it down.

    Dave at Colourtech gets really positive feedback from the web, but I haven't seen any example of his work close up. My query really relates to the crispness around lines/diff colours and around decals/lettering. Did you end up with the equivalent of a factory finish?

    Do you have a high res image of your Colnago? My PM is available if you want to send a link separately.

    Thanks in advance.....

  • Hi, finish is really good, theres no issue with paint joins etc...he's done some really good work blacking out the logos. I've taken a few pictures that hopefully help.....(bikes dirty by the way :lol: !!)
  • Looks great!
    I've got a white Cervelo that's going to get the treatment soon ;)
  • Thanks for the reply, the PM and the pics

  • Thanks for the reply, the PM and the pics

  • Now I like that, I have the Mk1 CLX and it is black and white just about bearable, your CLX looks fantastic a definite nod to the C60 and why not. Will bear that chap in mind as his work looks very good quality and a good price too.

    Just looked at what colour it would have originally been, those garish white fork legs mirror the horrid gash matte C59 Team Edition paint job with white fork legs also, wise move on the change of paint.
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