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Which shimano cassette and tyres? For Zipps 404 Firecrest tubs / Felt IA10

Caro07Caro07 Posts: 8
edited August 2016 in Road buying advice

I've bought some zipps 404 firecrest tubs for my Felt IA10.

Quite confused about which cassette to order, and which tyres to buy to go with them.

Help appreciated.

Bike currently has a 11 speed shimano cassette, 12-28T. But you seem to buy them as 11-28T?? Why not 12?

On tyres, ideas welcome as to what works pls.



  • trailflowtrailflow Posts: 1,311
    Why do you need a new cassette ? Transfer your current cassette onto the new wheels.

    Both 11-28t and 12-28t are available in Dura Ace.

    The 12-28t will give you a 16t cog in the middle. This 16t cog will get used alot.

    The 11-28t will give you a higher top speed in the largest gear. Which is determined by the size of your large front chainring. But you loose the 16t cog in the middle of the cassette. Depending on how much descending you do you may hardly use 11t cog.
  • imposter2.0imposter2.0 Posts: 12,015
    Caro07 wrote:

    On tyres, ideas welcome as to what works pls.


    You haven't really provided enough (ie any) information for anyone to make a recommendation. Although, if you want a tub that 'works' - then just fit any tub, because they all 'work'.
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