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Goodhill climbs just outside Nottingham

Wilby_89Wilby_89 Posts: 96
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I live in Nottingham, Bramcote and looking for some longish hill climbs nearby.
So far I cycle out to Stanton by dale which is about 5miles from home. I do a lot of laps round there and normally by the end of the ride ive normally done about 4000ft of elevation.
Problem is I feel im getting a bit bored of the course and not exploring other climbs out their.
My question is does anyone know of any good longish climbs near to NG9 to try and conquer.


  • kiteloopykiteloopy Posts: 94
    Alright fella,
    Im local to Bottesford, about 15 mile east of you. I cycle around Belvoir Castle when im home. Its not a 'long climb' but it offers good views as a reward and the general area south of the castle has rolling hills. Here is a little loop that I do.

    Get yourself to Stathern and go up Mill Hill. Turn left onto Belvoir Road towards Knipton. When you get to Knipton, turn left onto Knipton Lane towards Harston. Get to Harston and turn left onto Woolsthorpe lane. Turn left at Woolsthorpe onto Cliff Road and you'll end up at the castle. Turn right down Woolsthorpe Road onto Long Lane and turn left back to Stathern. I do this loop about 2-3 times in a session.

    'Bel voir' roughly translates as- beautiful view.
    Do it when its sunny, preferably in the afternoon. Thank me later.
  • DeVlaeminckDeVlaeminck Posts: 8,199
    For shorter rides Stanton, Dale Abbey direction - that sort of area is probably your best bet - there are a few hills between Bramcote and Little Eaton/Morley sort of areas - none stand out because I am closer to the Peak but there is enough terrain there to get a few routes with plenty of elevation over say a 90 minute ride. Duffield to Alport Heights is a nice hilly 5 miles if you could work that in as the farthest point say drop down to Ambergate and head straight up over Heage area to get back but you would be looking at 40 odd miles maybe.
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  • Wilby_89Wilby_89 Posts: 96
    Thanks guy's ill give them both a try.
  • JoeblackJoeblack Posts: 829
    Just along from Stathern is Harby hill, it's longer that Stathern and has some really steep parts, other than that get yourself over to Calverton, go through Sherwood and up Woodthorpe Drive (steep and long) then over Mapperly and down into Calverton, from there you can take your pick of Spring lane, Catfoot Lane and Bank Hill, all good climbs.

    I ride around theses areas frequently from West Bridgeford.

    Ps - A real challenge is where Woodborough Lane turns into Lime lane just a bit further on from Bank hill!!! But it's a busy road for traffic.

    Have fun!!!
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  • oxomanoxoman Posts: 10,988
    Head over towards charnwood forest, Loughborough way on, some good quiete climbs around there.
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  • nochekmatenochekmate Posts: 3,460
    oxoman wrote:
    Head over towards charnwood forest, Loughborough way on, some good quiete climbs around there.

    Spot on - was about to post that then saw you had beaten me to it - beautiful area of Leics.
  • fatsmokerfatsmoker Posts: 585
    Not sure the hills around Charnwood / Bradgate park are just outside Nottingham, but you're right, they are hard work.
  • oxomanoxoman Posts: 10,988
    Charnwood is closer than you think to Nottingham and has some good hills to play on.
    Too many bikes according to Mrs O.
  • fatsmokerfatsmoker Posts: 585
    It's about 15 to 20 miles there, so I suppose so. From Bramcote the OP is also not far from Ashbourne and the Peak District.
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