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Oh no, not another which voodoo bike is best question - help needed :)

DanieljephcottDanieljephcott Posts: 334
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Hello all, this is my first post on here and I'm looking at a decent entry level mountain bike.

It will be going on the road but looking at using it to lose some weight and taking it off road. Luckily im not to far from Cannock chase which I can't wait to give a go.

Anyway as my father works for Halfords head office I get a discount card. I manage to get 25% off bikes and along with he 20% discount they have at the moment I can pick up a good bargain.

Looking at all the bikes I'm certainly swaying towards the voodoos. I really didn't want to spend that much which is why I'm keen on the Bantu:

Price after discount is: £240 ... ntain-bike

However I keep looking at the hoodoo, not my ideal colour but is it better than the Bantu? Worth the extra £60.

Price after discount is £300 ... ntain-bike

Only difference I can see is the hoodoo has the radion forks and shimano brakes. The Bantu has xcm forks and tektro brakes.

Not a clue what the difference is and I'm sure I'll be happy with either which is why the Bantu stands out being cheaper and a nicer colour.

I have seen that there are some other threads talking about theses bikes but I'm not sure they are talking about the latest models. Also I'm not quite sure they are answered.

But if you experts could steer me in the right direction that would be helpful.

I would just like to remind people that my current bike is an Apollo mogul-appalling thing I know and I am a plump 30 year old that feels 50 so even the thought of Cannock chase is leaving me sweating. I just want to make sure the Bantu is a good buy.




  • Easily worth the extra £60.
  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,599
    No question, much better fork and brakes.
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  • looks like its the hoodoo for me.

    really wish they did it in a different colour :)

    thanks for the help.

  • oxomanoxoman Posts: 10,997
    Hoodoo all day long, raidon forks and better brakes well worth the extra. See loads of hoodoos battered around cannock.
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  • thats nice to know, what ive got my fat a** up to a standard that would me i can go to cannock its good to know the bike works on the trails.

    again thank you all for the advice.

    even though ive just spoken to halfords and have been told that my staff discount doesnt work off the already 20% reduction so i would only get a further 5% off. bit of a bummer as i was hoping to spend under £300, looks like this will now increase.

    im not even going to start looking at bikes for the £350-380 mark as ill end up changing my find again... unless someone perks up and says your stupid if you dont get such and such bike. :)

    blumin drama...
  • N0bodyOfTheGoatN0bodyOfTheGoat Posts: 5,303
    Regarding extra discount, could you not perhaps buy vouchers at a 10% discount to pay for most/all of the bike?
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  • daniel_bdaniel_b Posts: 10,561
    BC membership gives you another 10% as well, if they allow you to stack discounts.
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  • so after speaking with halfords the maximum i get is 25% off the original price.

    the extra 10% BC membership wont work. it only works when there is money off rather than percentage.

    So the hoodoo will cost me £375. is this still the best bike to go with?

    ive ordered the Hoodoo but i could cancel if there is something much better out there, if there is a bike that has a slight difference then ill just stick with the hoodoo.

    again thanks for all the advice, you guys are very helpful :)
  • compuwiz_ukcompuwiz_uk Posts: 139
    halfords do seem to have tightened up on the discounts of late :(

    as for the maximum 25% then yes i think thats the case if your using staff discount but defo not if you keep the staff card out the way.

    you should be fine for the current 20% off online & then fire in with the 10% off BC card or womans cancer discount ( till 31st july ) if you dont have BC membership when you go into pay for your bike ( incase you have not seen the womens cancer offer code yet - its 10% off bikes & 20% off accessories )

    if you are paying the balance in cash/debit card you can instead get vouchers delivered to you from halfords business services with 10% discount ( £2 postage though ) meaning more savings can be had too.

    i say you should be fine as i got the online 20% off my latest purchase just last week & had no problem applying the 10% BC discount ontop when i went in to pay ( with vouchers that i had saved about £32 on ) they refused to apply both the womens cancer & the BC discount though - but around a month earlier ( around the time they bought out or had just recently bought out tredz / wheelies ) they did honour a couple of online accessories buys with 10% flash sale / spend & save £5 off / 20% womens cancer & BC discount in a stack.
  • Thank you for the info. Bike won't be ready untill after the 31st so I can't take advantage of that but have bought he vouchers so saved £40. The the extra 5% with the staff discount so total I'll get the bike for £340.

    Sold my old Apollo for £60 so £280 for the voodoo hoodoo :) sorted.

    Thanks again, I love it when a plan comes together.
  • compuwiz_ukcompuwiz_uk Posts: 139
    it matters not if the bike will be ready before 31st, its if your paying up in full before then that matters :D

    if you do then use the above 10% code if you wish / can get away with it ( i know i would if i did not have the BC discount card already :D )

    or even use its 20% section for accessories for the new steed while you can - may even be able to leave some of them at the store & have em fit them to the bike when they build it eventually :L

    either way, enjoy the new ride when you get it :)
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