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Specialized Allez replace headset bearings

pgodwin555pgodwin555 Posts: 66
edited July 2016 in Road buying advice
I just bought a specialized Allez 2013 model and wish to replace the headset bearings for service. I am having trouble finding the correct version I need on Chain reaction cycles. Spec list is as follows

1-1/8" sealed Cr-Mo cartridge bearings integrated w/ headset, 20mm alloy cone spacer, w/ 20mm of spacers

Can anyone send me links as to what I need?



  • BobbinogsBobbinogs Posts: 4,841
    I had to get a Spesh dealer to order a 'mindset' which relies on the cups being knocked out since the aftermarket replacement doesn't use the caged bearings that come supplied. Might be worth contacting a Spesh dealer directly and get them to do the work whilst they are at it as it is fairly common. Once the cups have been knocked out and the mindset fitted, replacement of the mindset is fairly straightforward, apparently.

    Might have changed though as my Allez is the 2011 Elite (E5).
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