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markhewitt1978markhewitt1978 Posts: 7,614
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I've got over an hour in the car every day so I've been listening to audio books recently from

Most recent this one by Ned Boulting which was just average ... 544&sr=1-1

Are there any decent cycling related audiobooks out there? There are some autobiographies of some pro riders and the likes, but does anyone recommend one which is particularly entertaining?


  • Lance Armstrong has a podcast out called The Forward Podcast. Presumably to market his new sports clothing line. It is cringingly awful.

    I have got into Podcasts when travelling, obviously I am an admirer of the Cyclingnews Podcast :D but the other Cycling ones are worth a listen too and can be downloaded for offline use etc.

    Doesn't really answer your question! Hopefully something to look into though :)
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  • rank_amateurrank_amateur Posts: 117
    I spend hours driving for work so I've been through a lot of Audible books:

    As an unashamed Wiggo fanboy, I enjoyed ''My Time" very much. When he (it's not actually read by Wiggo, it's Lofty from Eastenders) talks about the Olympic time trial, it sends shivers down the spine.

    "The World According to G" is pretty good.

    Wiggo's "My Hour" is interesting but obviously quite specific.

    "Wide Eyed And Legless" was pretty interesting (Adrian Timmis is my LBS).

    David Millar's "The Racer" was ok, Cav's "At Speed" has some amazingly detailed recollections of various sprints.

    Boardman's "Triumphs and Turbulance" was very good.

    I'm partially through Jens Voigt's "Shut Up Legs" but the narrator's ridiculous, allo allo style accent has put me off for now.

    Away from biographies "French Revoloutions" is a great book partially spoiled by annoying narration.

    Whilst looking through my phone to remind myself of the above, I also came across "A Decent Ride" - nothing to do with cycling but a bloody good book :D
  • KevinAKevinA Posts: 492
    "David Millar's "The Racer" was ok, Cav's "At Speed" has some amazingly detailed recollections of various sprints."

    Thanks was just about to ask about a David Millar Book.

    Agree with Cav's, very specific and a very good book to listen to.
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