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Zwift and freewheeling

Wilby_89Wilby_89 Posts: 96
edited July 2016 in Road general
Just started using zwift which I absolutely love very addictive.
I normally choose the mountain routes as I love climbing and aren't half bad but noticed that you have the choice to freewheel on descents.
Now im use to using the turbo before zwift as just constantly pedling never freewheeling but feel that I do need some recovery during the rides as hitting the 13% gradients can take it out of you.
does anyone else freewheel on zwift and treat it like a road ride or treat it morelike a turbo session and lower the watts for recovery.


  • markhewitt1978markhewitt1978 Posts: 7,614
    You can do both. Sorry if you already know this but Zwift solely goes from your power output, so whatever power you're doing on the turbo gets put into the game and is used to power the rider along.

    So yes, you freewheel down the hills just the same as you would in real life as at it's heart Zwift is mostly about simulating outside cycling while on the turbo.

    Of course there is the workout mode which flattens it all out and requires you to be pedalling even if you are going down a 15% slope.
  • fat daddyfat daddy Posts: 2,605
    the day I freewheel on the turbo, will be the day I sit on the rowing machine not rowing but pretending to drift down the river !

    I keep pedalling, it has a good cross over to the real world where you go over a peak and keep pedalling on the down, you still recover, but slower and your average speed is greatly increased by the end of the ride

    besides which, nothing is more disheartening than being overtaken on the descent after passing people on the climb .. even if its the bots !
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