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Novatec F372SB rear hub help

Pmcdonald784Pmcdonald784 Posts: 4
edited August 2016 in Road general
Has anyone been able to find a service instruction, video or blow up diagram to use for bearing replacement in a Novatec F372SB rear hub.
I have got as far as removing both end caps and gently tapping the axle but it is just not moving as expected so I didn't want to tap it any harder.
This hub came with a pair of Zuus 50mm Carbon wheels which are excellent but the hub has been a real issue.




  • ugo.santaluciaugo.santalucia Posts: 27,343

    you want to post in Workshop... anyway: the 372 is in all identical to the 172, except for the paired holes and funny shaped flange. The axle is 12 mm and you are right, it needs to be tapped. First remove the end caps and the freehub and then whack the axle off using a soft mallet (wood or plastic, NOT metal). Whack it so that the bearing you want to replace pops out... typically the left end side one goes first, but you never know. Don't throw away the old bearing, you will use it to cushion the new one when you tap the bearing back in
  • Thanks Ugo, that's a great help. I will give it a go when I get back home next Monday when I have access to my tools.
    Out of interest I read a thread about a 172 hub issue where the OP had a problem with the DS end cap bearing directly on to the inner race of the freehub bearing. I have a suspicion I might have the same issue. I guess I will find out when I try to replace the bearings, but I had to 'reset/loosen' the drive side end cap to enable smooth running of the hub before I left on holiday, hence the reason I suspect a similar issue.
    Thanks again
  • Hello Ugo, sorry to trouble you but I have a quick question that I would really appreciate if you knew the answer. I have bought new bearings and attempted to dismantle the rear F372SB hub. I have got to the point there are no end caps on the axle and the axle is sticking out both sides. I have gave the axle a good thump with a rubber mallet in both directions but it is not moving a single mm. I do not want to hit any harder as I honestly think I will break something if I hit it harder. Does this seem normal to you. Many thanks in advance.
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