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Camera help.

solidsneeksolidsneek Posts: 57
edited July 2016 in MTB workshop & tech
Hi guys and I hope I find you well.

I am looking in to getting a mounted camera for the bike 720p (not expensive as a go pro however) unfortunately I only have my smartphone and a tablet will this make it near impossible for editing/uploading? I guess it depends what kind of memory card it takes If I can stick it in the tab and upload straight from the video editor?

Thanks in advance!


  • larkimlarkim Posts: 2,301
    Android or iOS? Android = generally easier to get files onto the tablet / smartphone, arguably the video editing is slightly less good, iOS = generally harder to get files onto the iPad / iPhone but tools like iMovie are very good. Uploading straighforward.
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  • solidsneeksolidsneek Posts: 57
    Would be android only which I know is a lot more accessible just didn't know if I could edit and upload from a tab.
  • oodboooodboo Posts: 2,177
    Tomtom bandit. Probably more than you want to spend but sounds ideal for what you want. ... dit-47645/
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